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Skate Through Life

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Ice skating can be a path to lifelong health, wellness and success.

When I was Pre-teen, I had no idea how much Ice Skating would become an important part of my life. Figure Skating is a great way to find yourself and develop a healthy lifestyle. I, like so many Skaters, started to have fun. Thats all..FUN!

Now I get to share my love for the ice with wonderful Skaters and their Families.

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When you start skating, make sure to enjoy every minute every unique sensation. Feel the air on your skin, the ice beneath your feet (hopefully not your bottom). When I ask skaters about their reason for skating, those are small the first things they describe.

What skaters don't realize until much later, is that they are learning so many lessons that will help them throughout their lives: Self Discipline, Fitness, Grit, follow through, Goal setting, Leadership, Independence, Time Management, Personal Growth, Health, Nutrition, Physics, etc and so much more.

Being a skater means being able to delay gratification, one of the top indicators of future success. Skaters have to work incrementally, sometimes on "boring" skills, in order to do the big tricks. We have to forgo some of the normal fun that people have, in order to achieve our goals. Skating requires dedication to a goal, true commitment. Many skaters skate early in the morning, before school in order to fit their training into their schedules. The right food and fitness routines are essential to athletic success. Skaters have to understand music, dance, athletics, physics and the rules of an highly complex sport. They have to perform with the reflexes of a prize fighter, agility of a gymnast, cardiovascular health of a runner and do it all with a smile on their face. Do you see how Figure Skating is a great way to develop your character, while having great time?


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