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It's time for Holiday recital costumes. How do I dress my skater without breaking the bank?

It is that time of year!I love the holiday recitals becuase, for many skaters it is ther first time performing on skates. Its festive and fun, no pressure. However there are many things to do to prepare.

By now everyone has music and a routine. The show is weeks away and it's time to finalize costume. What do I wear? Here are a few things to consider.

  1. How does this music make me feel?

  2. Am I doing a formal routine or a fun character?

  3. What is my budget?

  4. How cold do I get?

  5. Do I have to match anyone?

  6. How picky am I with fit and quality?

How does my music make me feel? Is it funny or serious? Is it fast or slow? Is it very festive?

If you are skating to lively music, you may want a costume in brighter colors, bouncier fabrics and an exuberant dsign. If it is serious, you may want more flow, subdued colors and lass ostentatious design.

Am I doing a formal Routine or fun Character? SOme people want to wear a formal skating costume (picture the dresses and men's costumes that you see on TV) and some may choose to dress in jeans and christmas sweater. Some kids may wear pajamas becaus their routine is all about Christmas morning. This is where it gets fun!

Budget, Budget, Budget

Ok , you de need ot set a budget that you can afford. It dos not have to be expensive but you do need to be reasonable. I am sorry to say that $20 is not a large enough budget for a formal costume, but it may be good for a new Xmas sweater or pair of pajamas (FYI you can use this all season).

Temperature is important. If your skater gets really cold, do not buy a sleeveless, thin costume. Opt of the heavier fabircs, ectra air of tights, gloves etc. You can even pick to wear a cute, fake fur vest or hat!

If you have to match, definitely pick something that can be easliy returned. You may need to get several versions until it works!

How picky am I? Be picky, as long as it doesnt interfere with getting something. If you have time and a large eough budget you can have acustme costume made. Howevere, there are some great options online.

I am going to drop a bunch of costume options below. Here we go!

This dress is cute. However, it is very thin, fits loosely in the halloween costume style and has been reported to be itchy. You may want to get a nude leotard for underneath it.

I love the festive outfit, dashing suit or just woke up Christman morning look for a holiday show! You can combine cute pajamas with

a santa hat, a festive sweater and jeans/leggings/skirt for a festive look or a suit and tie for a character (picture Frank Sinatra or Muchael Buble singing your favorite carol).

If your little skater tends to get cold, but wants a dressier look, here is an adorable sweater dress! Pair it with leggings and it is not just a costume but a great festive outfit for family get togethers.

Now for my favorite part......The beautiful, elegant dresses. Yes, you can find greta dresses on Amazon.

This may be my personal favorite!!!!

And of course, you need the very important hats and antlers, for a festive look.

I hope that this is helpful in your costume search. Please click on these links for your purchases and the website will make oher suggestions. Feel free to check out my other blogs for other equipment and necessary skating supplies.

Happy Holidays!

Now get that shopping done. Wrap those presents and start practicing a little extrs for the recital and future performances!

Some purchases provide a small commission to the Amazon Affiliate.


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