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About Me

My skating journey began on an average winter day, in a small, seasonal rink in my hometown in North Carolina. Ever since that public session, after school in Junior High, skating has taken me all over the United States and overseas. I was fortunate to train with some of the best coaches in the world. I chose to leave my university pre-med program and pursued a Physical Education degree, graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree and concentration in figure skating science. 


Why coach?  Skating and Skaters are a special breed of athlete. Figure Skating requires so much extra "everything" from an individual. We have to push and jump like a track star, have the control of a gymnast, dance like a ballerina and perform like an actor on stage. Sports like Figure Skating build confidence in a way that nothing else can!


My coach and mentor, Priscilla Hill, was a great example of sportsmanship and support for the total athlete: academics, emotional health, physical health and the best skating techniques. I was blessed to have coaches like Kathy Casey and Kristy Krall supplement her expertise. Excellence through skating is my goal for every skater!

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