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Everything you need to know about Skating but were afraid to ask

Ice Skating Together


Welcome to The Total Skater. I am Coach Miriam Gelfand, a Figure Skating and Hockey Power Skating Coach, with over 25 years of coaching experience. My passion for skating started in Junior High School and led to a rewarding career as a coach and Mentor to my peers and athletes. I look forward to guiding you through your skating journey, whatever phase you are enjoying. Figure skating is complex. Power skating is exhilarating. I am your guide to all things ice and blades, whether equipment, lessons, planning, FAQs, competition, beginning a professional career, strength and conditioning and whatever else you need to excel on the ice. 

The Total Skater is your source for information about becoming, parenting, coaching or otherwise being part of the journey of a successful, well rounded Figure Skater, Speed Skater or Hockey player. Successful Athletes are the result of a marathon effort.

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Our Services



All on ice and private instruction is priced based on  $100 per sixty minutes. A shared lesson of two skaters splits the cost.. 




Off-Ice classes are group instruction




Class offerings

Private instruction and shared instruction on ice is focused on skills development and competition preparation. Off ice instruction focuses on the physical and mental needs of the sport. This includes core strengthening and control, strength and conditioning for the whole body, flexibility and mobility training, jump development, plyometrics, air rotation and rotation harness training. 



Your expectations of progress must match the effort being applied. That means a combination of adequate ice time and instruction for the level of the skater (as well as their personal learning needs), with off ice training being essential for all skaters in higher LTS Basic Skills levels and free skate levels.  Any skater must train adequately in order to meet their goals or we will alter the goals to meet the training.

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